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tion and put local marketing of environment- friendly cars in its agenda. Many ▓auto enterprises have quickly responded by making fu▓ll use of the positive opportunities provided by the proposals to start a new round of "market-making." The Proposals on Structu▓re Adjustment of the Automobile Industry encourage consumers to buy small-displacement cars, and at the same time greatly supports

  • he United States in monthly sales," DiGiovanni said. Based on January's figure of 790,00
  • 0 units, China is expected to sell 10.7 million vehicles this year, he added.

auto enterprises in developing and producing more environment-friendly products. It can be said that the proposals consid▓er not only the need to sti

China will still be unab

rn▓mental measures help t

mulate auto consumption in the short term, but also the objective of promoting long-term healthy development in the auto ind▓ustry. They will definitely produce far-reaching effects on the future development of China's auto indus

o pick up the mark

measures to enco

urage independent innova

try, said Yao Yiming, executive vice preside▓nt of Guangzhou Honda. Jin Gebo, assistant to the board chairman of Chery Automobile Stock Holding Company, be

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